Beware Of The New POS Fraud In Town.

Emmanuel Okorafor, 26, was arrested yesterday evening in Ojota. He was caught in an ATM card fraud. He confessed he started it three weeks ago.

Okorafor has been defrauding POS operators various sums of money. He normally give them a figure in seven, which the operator would enter into his POS (N52,000:00). Once the machine is handed to him to enter his PIN, he would cleverly delete two zeros (N5,200:00) before returning it to the operators.

With this, the operators pay him N52, 000:00 while he is debited N5, 200:00.

In his confession, he re-acted same fraud at five POS points yesterday around Ogudu GRA and Ojota before he was arrested in the evening.

As at yesterday, three POS operators said he played the same trick on them. His ATM card matched that used in defrauding the victims. 

Some of them said they have accused and sacked many of their attendants for stealing their money.

Investigations revealed that the ATM card was used to collect various sums of money ranging from N52,000  to N5500 at many POS points.

NOTE: We are not covering his face so that his victims can identify him.

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