Currency Redesign: New Fraud Detected.

Nigerians have been warned by an anonymous message shared on various social media platforms to be careful while collecting the newly redesigned 500 notes. As some unscrupulous individual are of the habit of mixing the old 200 note with the new 500 notes which are identical in color,size and shape in oder to defraud unsuspecting populace.

The message read.

"Please, please, please, be careful with any money paid to you in N500 denominations henceforth. Unscrupulous persons will put MINT N200 (old design) inside bundles of MINT N500 (new design).

Because of the neatness of the notes, you will not realize the fraud readily.

There are still plenty of MINT N200 (old design) out there and they are similar in colour with N500 (new design).

Imagine collecting N50k (new N500 notes) from someone only to find that about 20 of the notes are actually 2007 series N200 series."

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