Attempt To Smear Tinubu an Effort In Futility By FFK

Attempting to smear Bola Tinubu by circulating fake videos on whatssap falsely claiming that he does the despicable, abhorrent, ungodly and utterly disgusting things that our adversary does with other men will not stop him from winning the election.

Those behind it have reached a new low.

Our enemy is a menace and a danger to vulnerable and impressionable young men. 

He is the proverbial succubus: a spiritual, carnal and lustful vampire who feeds on on the aura, essence, souls and blood of his innocent victims. 

Through sex he drains away their virtues, glory, destiny, strength and life and  appropriates them to himself.

He does not sodomise for pleasure, he sodomises for ritual.

Why do you think he loses a close aide to death around election time. 

This has been happening since 2011. 

Check the records and dates. 

Is this a satanic sacrifice or is it coincidence? 

You know the answer to that question even if you dint want to admit it. 

I have mentioned no names but who the cap fits let them wear it.

May God deliver our nation from strange, evil men and the accursed.

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