Atiku Promised Nasarawa Youth Jobs Despite Plan To Sell Government Assets.

The Presidential Candidate of the people's Democratic Party PDP ( Nigeria's main opposition party?)  and former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Alhaji Atiku Abubakar promised to provide jobs for women and Youth during his campaign rally in Nasarawa state. 

The Candidate also reiterated this claim on his Facebook handle on Monday, the post read in full.

"Today, alongside my #RecoverNigeria team, I was excited to reiterate our commitment to Jobs for our young men and women and massive support for small and medium business enterprises in Nasarawa state and across the country. -AA #RecoverNasarawaWithAtiku"

What is unclear is how Atiku intended to coopt this varied opinion with his earlier claim that he will sell all the critical government assets if elected. Which according to him the government don't need those assets.

It is also an open secret that as Vice President of the Federal Republic Atiku Abubakar superintendent the privatisation of major assets which only but end in failure.

Non of the over 500 assets  privatised by Atiku to his cronies ever yielded any meaningful result, rather than providing job and revenues it only breeds unemployment and extreme poverty that currently bedeviled the country.

Atiku need to be reminded how he and his cronies corruptly enrich themselves at our expense during the last privatisation program which saw a number of critical assets sold at give away prices amongst which include but not limited to.
Nepa, Nafcon, Eleme petrochemical, ALSCON, NICON luxury hotel, etc.

Atiku also needs to be reminded that ALSCON which was built by Nigerian government with $3.5 billion was sold to Russal a Russian firm for a mere $130million not forgetting the fact that as at the time of the privatisation ALSCON has received $120milliom from the federal government for dredging  of Imo river which went into drain. So in summary Atiku sold ALSCON for a mere $10million.

Atiku also need to be reminded how he sold Onigbolo Cement operating at a whooping capacity of 500,000 tone per annum to Dangote for a mere 1.7 billion in 2007.

Do we also need to remind Atiku how the federal government's 5% share in Eleme petrochemical worth $27million went into thin air after it's privatisation?

This and many more cases of outright disregard to laid down rules in privatising government assets lead Nigerians to be skeptical about Atiku's intended privatisation program. What is baffling is that Atiku never apologized to Nigerians for the ruins he caused the nation but he is here again promising to sell the remaining assets at the government's disposal. 

Atiku Abubakar is definitely not in tune with current realities as the suffering of Nigerians courtesy of his previous actions which saw him became a multi billionaire while making a vast majority of Nigerians poor, jobless and hopeless.

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