Aba Women Protests Calls On Government To Release Nnamdi Kanu now.

A massive protests by women has once again hit the ancient town of Aba calling on the federal government of Nigeria to release the Biafran leader Maxi Nnamdi Kanu who is now in detention facing charges of terrorism by the government.

The women insist that Kanu should be released immediately and unconditionally insisting that the ipob leader was innocent of all charges. 

The women in their hundreds were seen singing and chanting war songs while they dance through the streets carrying various placards and banners reminiscent of the famous Aba women riot of 1929.

On the other hand  the UK government has revoked the Ipob operating license in Britain which was registered by Kanu as a private company in the UK.

With this development UK government will cease to recognise the activities of the company and anything done in the name of the company might be deem illegal by the government.

What is unclear is weather the UK government will take a step further by declaring ipob as a terrorist organization in line with the Nigerian government.

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