10 Things You Might Not Know About Abuja.

1. Abuja was created in 1976 to serve as the Federal Capital City of Nigeria from the neighboring Niger, Nasarawa and Kogi States. 

2. Abuja lies at 360 meters ( 1,180 feet) above see level and has a land mass of 7,315km²

3. Abuja sit at the confluence of rivers Niger and Benue and Is home to some 3,652,000 people. 

4. There are 9 universities in Abuja which offer about 157 study programs.

5. There are over 300, 5 star Hotel in and around the city prominent amongst include, transcorp Hilton Hotel, Nicon Luxery, Sharaton Hotel and towers amongst others. 

6. The world trade center commercial towers 24 floors are the tallest buildings in Abuja in terms of  height standing at 120m that's about 395 ft.  While the building with the most floors is the federal ministry of communication's building with 30 floors.

7. The most expensive building in Abuja is the world trade center costing a whooping $1billion. 

8. There are 44 world class hospitals in the city, 52 Divitional Police headquarters and 7 army barracks. Abuja is also home to the Defence, NIA, DSS Headquarters amongst others.

9. There are over 3000 estates in Abuja scattered across 6 area councils.

10. Asokoro is the most expensive and the most secured residential area in Abuja with plots of land running into billions of Naira. The minimum price of a plot in the area is 100million Naira. It is quite reserved for the créam de la créame of the society beside housing the Presidential Villa it is also home to the Economic Community of West African states ( ECOWAS) headquarters, The WHO office and the NIA headquarters amongst others.

Hope you enjoy this tips about the capital city of the most populous black nations on earth, largest economy in Africa in terms of GDP and home to the richest black man in the globe.

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